About Lauren

hey there friend

I'm Lauren, the one woman show over here at Lauren Ligon LLC. As an artist and formally trained graphic designer, I'm not much for words so let's keep this quick and to the point:

Who I Am:

  • a watercolor aratist & formally trained brand & web designer
  • an enneagram 4 (aka all about what makes you unique is a core value)
  • an former educator to littles
  • a wife to an Air Force pilot an overall amazing human
  • a dog mom to a big fluff
  • a daughter of Christ

What I Do:

  • create painted heirlooms
  • tell your love story on paper
  • celebrate loved ones in unique ways
  • showcase life’s simplest, but purest, moments in paint

art that makes life more colorful

Every Lauren Ligon piece - from commissioned, to originals, to prints, to products - are intentionally created to celebrate the world around us. Our most cherished memories are formed in the biggest celebrations, and also in the smallest of moments. I aim to capture this feeling in every drop of paint I put to paper.